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Luggage started out as just that, regular luggage, but as time passed there seemed to be more specific needs than just an old faithful travel case. So the all favorite travel – and at sometime called practical – truck slowly evolved into a suitcase. And we all know it didn't just stop there, soon after there were purses, br Sherpa Dog Carrieriefcases, duffle bags and all sorts of regular suitcases, there are hard cased, soft case for hang up clothes and regular outfits. Now that traveling is becoming more and more frequent and possible not only is safety become a priority but also what is comfortable and practical. Specially when traveling with the whole family and pets, which is where sherpa dog carriers, come in. Not only are they practical and safe, but since these are soft-sided dog carriers and are endorsed by major airlines it makes traveling with your pet not such a big fuss anymore; avoiding having to rent a pet carrier from the airline, sometimes having to give the pet medication so itwont feel sick, etc.

As a dog owner I felt so guilty befo

Sherpa Dog Carriers

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re just comparing where I was sitting with music, an open bar and a big TV; as opposed to what we have come to call "Man's best friend" ridding in the baggage compartment, some friends we have become. If you compare it to traveling around town: Would you ever put your dog in trunk of your car? Much less your best friend. I don't think so, it's inhumane.

No matter how you look at it, it's exactly the same thing. Most people feel a bit nervous and uneasy when flying; just imagine what your poor pet goes through in the cargo hold by themselves around strangers for several hours, way before they are even loaded on the plane. With the see-through mesh that sherpa Dog Carrriers incorporates into the soft dog carrier, your pet is close to you, within reach and always in sight for a smooth ride. How can it get any better, for both you and your best friend.

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