Home Cooked Dog Food: Should Meat be Cooked for Dog

All Home Cooked Dog food is better be cook all the food if you have bought them raw, to prevent diseases. There are many parasites that can be transmitted through raw meat, including toxoplasmosis, as well as other bacteria, such as salmonella, that is a frequent mortal agent in chickens. To cook the food makes it, also, more appetizing, and for instance, dogs immediately swallow boiled potatoes, while they dislike the raw ones.Another reason is that some foods are easier to eat if cooked, like eggs, a valuable source of proteins. Therefore, cold food is less successful. If your dog eats, raw food, he could develop digestive problems, but that will not make him aggressive, as some people suggest. Some cold or frozen food must be warmed up before giving it to your dog, otherwise that could cause digestive problems. We suggest to cook a huge amount of food, then freeze it, weigh it, and keep it in plastic bags. So you will have food for the whole week, taking out each day the packages from the freezer, to feed the dog the next day.

Are there many kinds of canned dog food?

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