Choosing a Dog for Family: Adult or Puppy Dog?

When choosing a dog for family, you need to consider the dog's age. A young dog settles down easier than a grown one, and is better suited for a house with kids. Grown dogs can be uneasy, specially if they have had some other homes before, so they need more time to adapt to their new family. Some problems that can arise are, for instance, to respond to their new names or to stand by their new owners once they are without a leash.Adaptation of a grown dog could be difficult, specially for a rookie owner, and if his origins are unknown. If you are thinking about taking your dog to an exhibition, then a grown dog is easier to be appreciated than a puppy. But a dog that has spent most of his life in a pound, will surely have enough troubles to settle down domestically. Some studies show there is a period of socialization among young dogs between six and thirteen weeks, where human presence is needed. The more attention they receive during this period, the sooner they will adapt to their new home. Dogs living at a pound during their first months, have never been properly educated, and this could be a major threat for their future training.

Which is better: a male or female dog?

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