Should I give my dog chew bones?

From the nutritional point of view, there is no need to give my dog chew bones, as long as he is well fed. But it's obvious they have fun biting bones, and this can help them to keep their teeth clean.However, there are also some risks; some become extremely possessive with their bones, and they have to be trained to leave them when ordered. Be careful when you treat with an unknown dog, you can't be sure of his reaction. Give him only big bones that can't be swallowed by accident, causing an obstruction in his digestive zone. Chicken and rabbit bones are very dangerous, as they crack easily in the mouth, and can damage the tissue. Longer bones, like chops, can be swallowed by accident damaging the throat. Be sure bone edges are not rough, avoiding fragments to loosen causing problems.

How can I stop my dog from going through the trash?

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