Should I leave my female dog to deliver a litter of puppies?

Allowing it requires careful considerations, apart from increasing the number dogs that have to be sacrificed, because they are not wanted. Though having puppies around the house could be attractive, they grow rapidly, as well as cost. Even reproduction of dogs at a small range is not profitable, specially if we consider time. In case of pedigree puppies it's easier to find a home for them, but if not, it won't be easy.

I want my pedigree dog to have puppies

What is the best age to have them? How can I choose an adequate mate? Normally, female dogs are mated in their second heat (in case of bigger breeds, that mature very slowly, is in the third heat). You should not rush her to have puppies, cause demands of pregnancy, in addition to growing, will not benefit her or her descendants. Though females will continue to be in heat for the rest of their life, without anything like human menopause, the proportion of successful reproductions decreases, approximately, when they are five years old. This is why most breeders nurture females between one and five years old. Males can get much older, but their fertility also decreases with age. To choose an adequate breeding dog requires complete honesty on your part. Look at your female dog carefully, note her defects, as well as her resistance, cause the chosen male must compensate as possible, the female weakness. It's important to study his pedigree. If necessary, visit the breeder, he may help you and, afterwards, could be interested in a puppy, specially if your female dog has been successful in exhibitions. Make a appointment, and then go to see the breeding animal. Naturally, this has to be done soon, so you can mate your dog in her heat. Don't leave it to the end of the proestro phase, it could be too late. The breeding owner can furnish you with details about his pedigree, and certificates of vaccines. Deal with the owner about fees, and ask him what will happen if the couple is not successful in the first heat. The breeder can offer you a discount if the female dog does not conceive, depending on circumstances. Another fact to be discussed concerns investigation of the male dog, in case there is an hereditary defect, that could affect that particular breed, like a progressive retinal atrophy. Be sure, also, that your female dog is checked by a veterinarian accordingly, to satisfy potential buyers of your puppies. Hereditary Defects

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