Should I let my dogs swim? They enjoy swimming?

Teaching Dog to Swim
Dog Swimming

Some dog breeds, like Terranova, tend to be more aquatic by nature than others. Terranovas have even developed some webbed legs and are classed as a swimming dog breed. There is no danger if your dog swims, because it is really good exercise that can even be therapeutic.Any way be sure there is no risk for your dog to drown, due to a water currents, or because he is not able to get out of the water. Besides, water must be clean, without oil or other damaging substances on the surface. After going out, the dog will shake to get rid of the water from his hair. It will be very useful to have a towel in the car, to dry him before returning home.

Is it possible that my dog has too much exercise?

Yes. Old dogs, specially those suffering from heart or articulations, are happy with daily short walks early in the afternoon. Never take old dogs out during the hottest hours of the day, because his thermal regulating system starts to deteriorate.

Body Language

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