Sign of Affection: Puppy Jumping on Lap

One of the first things a puppy should learn is how to please his master. If a puppy gets use to jump over him, he will keep doing it as adult, and withbig breed dogsit's very uncomfortable.Jumping over you, the puppy tries to reach your face; to prevent it then bend down giving him the chance of showing you all his affection. If he jumps over when you are unaware, lift your knee (if he is a big dog), or your foot (if he is very small) to stop him. You don't have to hit him, just impede him to reach what he is looking for. Then, bend down and pet him, to show him how glad are you of seeing him.

Other Useful Advice: It's not necessary to be too strict with the puppy while playing with him, but don't let him to bite or scratch you adducing he is too young. The animal can perfectly understand there are limits he cannot trespass. If he hurts you stop playing immediately with a loud No! Be careful with stairs. Puppies, specially big ones, should not go up and down the stairs till their skeletons are properly formed. As a result, you should carry the puppy in your arms when using the stairs, till he is four or five months old. Obviously if you have a Saint Bernard is a heavy solution, but is something to have in mind if there's no elevator at home.

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