Signs of Domination of Master over Dog

  • Look at his face always
  • Pet his head
  • Put him the collar
  • Imposing an education
  • Never give up
  • Forbid access to some rooms
  • Eat before him
  • Catch him by the neck's skin

Causes for Behavior Disturbances: Now we can treat this matter, its concrete origins and prevention.We will remember great traits of treatment, but warn you that only a veterinary can make a chemical or conduct treatment in a serious and safety manner.
Conduct Disturbances Related with Anxiety: Anxiety is at the base of some problems, adopting different ways. Anxiety in a dog is not a myth. Is an incredible fear to some situation without any logic basis. The dog perceives a determined situation as an aggression, and can't run away from it. So he develops an anxious attitude. This problem can be detected in puppies. Cause is usually a bad socialization. In what circumstances it was done? Was it done in a negative way? This is very important for the owner, so he can know when and how to act when the problem arises. Socialization and hierarchy are key words. In puppies and adults this problem can be observed. In puppies this produce the privation and separation syndromes and enuresis. In adults this problem can come with or without aggression.

Reactions of anxious dogs are classified in two groups:

  • Substitution activity; where the dog tries to reduce the tension with some "calming" activities: licking, eating, self mutilation
  • Aggressive activity; the dog gets rid of inhibitions and starts to bite without warning. All rituals of intimidation disappear. Therefore, the animal becomes dangerous and unpredictable.

It's important to detect when a dog is anxious, cause usually the way he reacts, as biting are obvious. But if it is possible to prove that a determined conduct hides an anxiety, you can start searching the origin, and treatment will be easier.

Anxiety is produced by a group of physiological reactions with the following symptoms:

  • the dog has tachycardia, that means his heart beats too fast
  • he may have a chronic enteritis or a gastritis, causing vomits
  • he has sores due to licking, and eats too much

Anxiety forms are grouped according to the different symptoms: separation syndrome, excessive attachment, etc

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