Signs of Invitation for Playing

The puppy learns quickly how to show he wants to play. There are different kinds of signals that allow us to understand them. The ludic reverence the most known sign for owners. The front legs are bent; the puppy learns to rest over his elbows with the back part lifted. Exaggerated approach is another sign. The puppy approaches the congener very quickly, jumping and moving his head from one side to the other. During this approaching-retirement, he gets near and then goes back jumping, and then gets near again.

Mother-Puppy Relation: Puppies ask their mother to play with them biting his ears, the back or the tail. But the mother usually does not plays with them: so invitation remains frequently unanswered. The puppy will then have one option, to play with the others.In contrast, the mother sometimes plays with the puppies, after weaning. Therefore, the owner must replace the mother, if he wants his puppy to understand hierarchic relations.

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