Small Cedar Cat Condo

david - Posted on 29 November 2010

Cedar wood is generally considered to be a good construction material for several different reasons. For one thing, it is fairly attractive and has a pleasant smell, although this is a human perception rather than one of cats. However, the odor – and the oils seeping out of the wood which produce that distinctive scent – is one of the major benefits of the wood.

The oils and aroma of cedar repel insects – indeed, they probably evolved to help keep wood-boring beetles and other harmful insects at bay. This is an advantage in a small cedar cat condo, because the same effect will help to drive away fleas, lice, ticks, spiders, and possibly even mosquitoes and biting flies which would otherwise trouble your pets. The use of cedar will keep the condo from getting infested by parasitic insects and arachnids – as well as repelling wood-boring insects such as beetles and carpenter ants.
Furthermore, cedar is extremely resistant to rot, even when it is placed outdoors and is regularly rained on. There is a natural fungicide present in the wood, named thujaplicin, which halts the growth of molds and fungi. Therefore, whether you set your small cedar cat condo up indoors or outdoors, you are assured that it will not decay anytime soon.

Cedar wood tends to be lightweight, but is very strong nevertheless. This makes it easier to move the condo from place to place as necessary.

A small cedar cat condo is built to accommodate several cats – anywhere from two to four, depending on the construction and the size of the cats. The interior is snug, while if you opt for a porch on the front, there will be a place for the felines inside to come out and lounge around, taking the air and keeping an eye out for any incautious mice, squirrels, or birds in the vicinity.

A cedar shingled roof is the perfect finishing touch to a small cedar cat condo. Not only is it more resistant to water over the long term than an asphalt shingle roof, it is warmer in the winter thanks to the excellent insulating qualities of wood, but does not absorb solar heat in the summer. Summer sun falling on the roof of a cat condo equipped with an asphalt roof may bake the felines inside intolerably, causing them to abandon the building (understandably), but much less heat is absorbed by cedar tiles and the cats will likely remain cool and comfortable inside.