Small Dog Carrier

I find that many more people come into my store looking for a small dog carrier than people who are looking for big dog carriers. I don't know if it is because more people own small dogs or if it is because people with big dogs don't try to transport them as much because of their size. The other day a young man came into my store asking for a small dog carrier but when I asked him about his dog he told me that he had a boxer. I quietly laughed and explained to him that boxers don't fall into the category of small. We have such a variety when it comes to buying a small dog carrier.Small Dog Carrier We have models that will destroy the 9 to 5 employee's budget for years to come and we also have models which areaffordable to children. Whatever your preference, whatever your taste if you can't find it where I work, you can find it somewhere guaranteed. I had someone looking for a small dog carrier who was buying it just so that he could go out with his girlfriend. It seems that he couldn't get her to part with her pet even so they could go out together so he did what any desperate man would and bought her the dog carrier so she could bring her pet with her in the car. I don't know if he got lucky or not but I am sure that she was happy with the carrier as it was a beauty. Bright pink with padded sides and easily seal-able food and water containers.

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