Snow Search and Rescue Dog Training

Snow rescue dogs: There are specializedsearch and rescue dogtraining programs that teach dogs what to do in avalanches and which provide very advanced techniques to search for people that have been buried under the snow. These units are made up of men with their dogs that have been properly trained belong to different rescue groups distributed regularly around the whole snowy mountain and ski centers because of the continual threat of avalanches in winter time, although they can also happen when the ice starts to melt on the mountains. The people that work with the dogs are expert specialized ski guides, specialized guards, police men, and citizens who offer their dedication and time to help out in case of any emergencies during the avalanche seasons. |One very outstanding quality and common quality these people have is their love for their dogs. They have been able to attain comprehension of the psychology of their animals which are studied and analyzed to evaluate their performance. These dogs give of themselvesto the full and use all their efforts and capabilities in each rescue mission they fulfill.
There are canine rescue teams in winter sport centers and in important tourist spots and helicopter bases from where the dogs are able to get to in record time. There are people with their highly trained dogs who have the back up of helicopters. Occasionally the dogs are thrown on parachutes with their guides to speed up the process. There are also very excellent means of communication which allow the dog and man to work together such as radio transmitter which the dogs use to bark when they have found someone. These teams also need of specialized people that know the terrain as well as dogs that have been specially trained to work in mountains and snow because of the temperature and the conditions and this applies to the guides too. Besides this, they must have the right physical conditions and practice working together to be able to form a good team.

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