What to do when female dog is in heat?

If you're not willing or don't agree to free your female dog, during this period, through a hormonal treatment, the best thing you can do is to carry her in your arms, if you're out on a walk, or if she's too heavy, take her in the car to a place inaccessible to male dogs where there is no danger of them harassing her. In result of this you will cut the trace she leaves behind and avoid having male dogs be at your door. So, to leave your female dog loose in this state, is a lack of consideration. Unless the female goes out on her own and looks for a male with whom to mate, in this case the owner of the male dog should take a hunting dog and go after her scent.

The period of a female dog in heat presents itself twice a year, usually around spring time(from January – March) and in autumn(from August – October). There are a lot of exceptions though; small dogs usually have a period of 4 months and the larger ones of 8, whereas the female Basenji only have it once a year.

Here are a couple of fazes the dog goes through when it's in heat:

  • Before being in heat; the loss of blood, this usually last for 10 days.
  • During in heat; this usually also lasts 10 days, strong excitement and seeking to mate;
  • stage is over and refuses or declines it.

When their lips or vagina are swollen it means they are in heat. The female dog leaves her urine as traces and attracts other stranger male dogs.

A natural intercourse, mating between a female and male dogs usually last between 10 – 45 minutes. The vaginal muscles compress and firmly hold the penis tight. The time in which the male and female remain inseparable is around 15 minutes, and is designated as the act of connecting. Once this rapture is over, both will turn in opposite directions. But if you separate them while they are in the same act of connecting it can be very critical and can upset both animals.

A female dog becomes a mother

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