Choosing a Clean Puppy, Ears Eyes all about looks.

Is his place clean? Feces should be, more or less, solid, unless he has been treated against parasites recently. Healthy puppies are usually fat, and if you catch them they will slip out of your hands easily with great flexibility. Starting by the head, look at his eyes. These should be clear and free of any substance than can damage his skin, specially in those parts of the eyes closer to the nose. The nose should be moist, and his ears clean. Give great attention to the skin, watch it carefully to detect some signs of fleas or lice. Ribs can be checked with your hands, but it's not so clear when you are carrying the dog in your arms.In the lower parts, check if there is no swelling inside, which could be an umbilical hernia. This, though not serious, could demand a further surgery. He must not have a bulky abdomen, which could indicate the presence of parasite worms, and consequently a careless nurturing from his breeder. His anus should be clean. Any bulk around his groin could be a symptom of a groin hernia, which is more serious than the umbilical hernia. On the floor the puppy should move fast and easy, without limping or weakness, reacting instantly to noises unless he is deaf; this defect is frequent in dogs with white hair.

If you are not satisfied with the dogs, just don't buy any. Remember that little animal will become part of your life for at least ten years; you better wait instead of making the wrong decision. When you take your puppy to be vaccinated ask the veterinarian for a complete checkup.

What should I ask the breeder before taking the puppy home?

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