Dog Ear Infection and Ear infection in Dogs. A treatment.

Can dog ear infection be cured? Any breed with long and hanging ears, and a thick cover of hair, is probably more prone, because the auditory channel is obstructed, allowing bacteria and other microorganisms, potentially damaging, to colonize the zone. A smooth and regular cleansing of the ears can help to prevent these infections in dogs so prone as the spaniels. For this purpose, use a wet piece of cotton, avoiding introducing it too deeply into the ear, but making sure the channel is free of wax and dirt.A dog that scratches and rubs his ears frequently probably has an ear infection. There can also be a disgusting odor in the ears. If the dog rubs his ears with his paws frequently, he can damage the tissue causing blood that is developed inside, producing swelling called hematoma. It could be necessary for the veterinarian to correct it surgically. The major problem to cure ear infections is that cause is not simple. Bacteria, fungus, and sometimes the ear mites, can be implicated at the same time; the frequent use of medicines tend to develop an antibiotic resistance. When there's no relief, surgery is the only solution. An operation called resection aural, the vertical part of the auditory channel is permanently open, which won't be noticed when the earflap returns to his normal position. If a dog suddenly appears to have a lot of pain in his ears, probably the cause is a grass fragment, or a similar object, and not an infection. In most cases ask your veterinarian.

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