Specialized Hunter Dogs

Specialized hunter dog: Some terriers have been bred to be small and good diggers. This ability allows them to hunt certain animals like rabbits, foxes and other animals that live in holes in the ground. Another type of dog that was used to hunt was the truffle dog. These dogs were once used to find a very expensive and rare delicacy that grows near the roots of oak trees. Truffle dogs are thought to be descendants of the poodle. Truffle dogs are well gifted and they have astonishingly keen noses. These dogs used to digout the truffles from the fungus by lifting the truffle to the surface with their forefeet. Most of the owners of these dogs were hunting thieves; therefore it was to their advantage that the dogs kept quiet since most of the truffles were located in big expensive properties. These hunting thieves used to reward their truffle dog with a portion of their cheese and bread, the truffle, obviously, stayed with the poacher.

Stay away stranger: A dog that feels completely sure in himself will protect his territory by inclining himself toward the stranger and barking in a very threatening way. The dog's mouth will be open and his ears will be flat and forward. Dogs that exhibit a vigilante behavior seem to have full control over the situation, and they usually can control it, but most of their reactions have to do with their fear. When dogs are afraid the hair on their backs stick up to make them look bigger than they actually are. This type of behavior is caused because of a lack of trust towards strangers, and it means that the dog has not been trained to be social with people starting from he was a puppy. A dog that trusts in people does not show this type of behavior and is not aggressive toward people that come near him.

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