Specialized Training for Dogs

Dogs that are to be trained for these special jobs such as to detect drugs and explosives cannot be any older than three years old and younger than one. Younger dogs that are still one year old are quite playful and are sometimes more difficult to control, however, a well disciplined and trained dog that has all the required conditions can be used and learn successfully. One of the most important things these dogs need is to have a good sense of smell. They must be able to detect and find a number of different odors and retain those in their heads. They need to learn to differentiate without mistakes the smell of different types of drugs and explosives that have been filtered through other more potent and stronger odors and which are in several different containers that camouflages them. The capability to identify and retain adetermined odor varies in dogs, but it gets better with progressive training, although they do need to have the necessary conditions from the start. These requirements include a good nose, good sense of smell as well as a selective nose so they can get to the source without problem. These types of dogs cannot have claustrophobia problems or show fear when getting into small or long tubes, small openings etc. because of this factor, these programs look for dogs that are medium sized, strong, agile, and cautious when they walk. It's preferable for these dogs to be pure breeds to be able to know beforehand what they can offer. Mixed dogs sometimes have unexpected behaviors. Young work dog parents have shown that the qualities and their predisposition to work genetically passes on to their children. The most commonly used dogs for this type of work are Labradors, Pointers, German Shepherds and Setters all of which seem to respond well to the requirements of these programs.

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