Strange objects in your dogs eye

Conjunctivitis in only one eye may have been caused by some strange object. Therefore, thoroughly examine the swollen eye. Carefully separate the eyelids. You might want to ask someone to help you by shining a flashlight on you.Take out the object with a cotton ball. If you are not able to do so, go to your veterinarian, as the inflammation gets worse at every unsuccessful try. When conjunctivitis does not present any complications, it is easy to treat it. Withdraw the dry secretion from the eye joints with a cotton soaked in chamomile. Following this, put some eye drops to alleviate the irritation. The dark-colored secretions from the eye joints present a problem, especially in dogs with light-colored coating (particularly in poodles). The veterinarian will try to carefully humidify the region with a cotton rod soaked in oxygen peroxide.

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