Successful Dog Breeding

An excellent weaning constitutes asuccessful dog breeding. If you administered the weaning correctly, the puppy will not present problems in his feeding. Most young dogs have an avid appetite, as well as the once that have never been sick or have been mistreated by their owners. If a weaned puppy appears decayed, quickly consult with the veterinarian. The vomits and soft grounds are a common part in puppies, but if it is persistent, it may be an indication of a serious illness. When the weaning has concluded, the puppy will receive one or two daily meals, with or without any supplementary milk. You may increase the main meals as the puppy grows.

With a regime of two meals, the puppies can eat until they are satisfied, they may eat twice a day without suffering from obesity. Nevertheless, with three meals a day it is necessary to be careful. The speed and avidity that they eat will give us an approximate orientation: a healthy puppy will clean his plate in ten minutes. If that happens, then logically he will be ready to eat more food. Now, avoid giving the dog too much meat because it spreads to be laxative and you may get the dog interested to an expensive diet. The acceptance of canned foods is good since it has an excellent balance of vitamins and minerals. You should cook any product of high quality in protein that forms part of a puppies diet. Next, will show you an approximate table of measurements and quantities of food you may provide your dog in terms of energy.

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