Suitable Dog Toys

Puppies bite objects in order to learn about their habitat and environment. If you encourage your dog to chew on his own toys, you will keep him from ruining other things in your house.

toys for your Dog to Chew on
In order to make a chewable toy for your dog, put some cheese inside a sterilized bone. Give the bone to your dog and you will see that he will try to reach the food inside of the bone. You can let him eat up to the last piece of cheese inside of the bone. This toy is ideal for stimulating the dog when he is alone at home. When your dog is around, put the toy away. That way he will learn that that toy belongs to you and that you – his master – will leave the toy to him only on occasions.

Dogs are very possessive with their toys, so make sure the toys are not so attractive that they fight over them. Don't give old clothes or shoes to your dog to play with. If you let your dog chew on these objects, he will assume that it is ok for him to do that with any other thing. Dogs can not really distinguish between an old and a new thing.

When Dogs Meet People
It is possible that a bearded man wearing a hat or someone that has a different skin color to that of the dog's human family may intimidate the dog. Ask your friends to help you and have them meet your dog. Reward the dog when he shows curiosity yet stays quiet.

Teach your children to approach your dog in a quiet way and pet him on his flank. Congratulate your dog with kind words or reward him with food when he remains quiet.

If you know that you are going to be going out a lot, you have to prepare your dog by my making your dog meet with new people, first at home and then outside. This will prepare the dog for the encounters with people that try to pet him without asking for permission. Tell your friend to squat down when he greets your dog. That way, the puppy won't feel intimidated. Ask a friend to offer your dog a treat,; that way, the puppy will accept other people who approach him in the future.

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