Taking Care of a Dogs Health

In the life of a dog there are two stages in which you have to give special care to your dog so that he can be healthy and in perfect health conditions. These are when the dog is in his first year of age and when he is old. Depending on the breed, the lifespan might vary, but the average lifespan is twelve years.

A balanced diet is fundamental for the animal to stay in shape. A varied diet is a good way of providing all the necessary vitamins and proteins the dog needs. A deficient diet during the growth stage can bring about irreversible consequences to the dog's development.

Physical exercise is fundamental and every dog needs to, according to the weight and body mass, different kinds of exercises. A lack of movement can produce muscular and bone atrophy. Obesity can be due to the lack of exercise or an incorrect diet.

A dog must always be at his ideal weight so that he can have more flexibility and agility. The correct weight is determined by the breed, size and age. A healthy dog has a healthy and lively countenance. His eyes are clean and he has a good appetite. If your dog remains long periods lying down, wobbles when he walks and lacks appetite, it is very probable that he is sick.

You can prevent some diseases if you pay attention to certain aspects of your dog, some generic, like the teeth, the ears, the eyes and claws; and others that are specific to each breed.

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