Taking Care of Puppy

Physical care is definitely something indispensable for a puppy's health; however, just this alone is not enough. As owners it is our responsibility to also pay special attention to our puppy's psychological needs in order to have a healthy, happy and well balanced puppy. For any type of activity the puppy will face in the future, emotional stability is absolutely fundamental and is actually the pillar that will allow and help the puppy to meet and overcome any problems that could arise in the future. Amongst the decisions you take when getting a puppy, you will need to formally commit yourself to strengthening your new puppy's character by putting him through a discipline and training program together with the objectives that you are seeking of the specific breed you choose. These types of objectives help the owner to evaluate thecompleteness of the puppy as well as determine what areas the puppy is lacking in. Doing this will allow us to know exactly what to expect, how far we can go with the puppy's training and what must not be expected of the puppy or dog. These are things that only a dog owner can evaluate in totality and it is part of the owner's job to keep up with the emotional equilibrium of his or her puppy. The dog owner will need to keep up and use the best possible resources to achieve the maximum efficiency within his or her contact with the puppy. It is important the puppy learn to adapt and accept human friendship and it is also important to make the puppy understand to accept the presence of other living beings such as those within their own species as well as others such as cats etc. Dogs and cats can actually learn to get along perfectly well contrary to common belief.

Checking your puppy's paws: Whenever you get back from having taken your puppy out for a walk, get him used to getting cleaned. Use a soft humid towel to wipe off his muzzle, his stomach, his paws and tails so that he does not get your house dirty with stuff that got stuck on his body, and at the same time you can check that he does not have anything stuck between his paws like thorns etc. Never allow your puppy to wander around with out the leash on the street or in the park even when he responds to your call. Too many unfortunate accidents have happened to puppies due to this type of imprudence. There are many different unforeseen circumstances that could occur, which could scare a puppy or dog and cause him to run out onto the street, running the risk of getting hit by an automobile or of getting lost. Don't completely trust a puppy that is not fully trained.

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