Taking Care of your Dog's Ears

Some dog breeds have long drooping ears, which means that they are more vulnerable to otitis and ear infections. Dogs' ears must be cleaned often, avoiding the existence of parasites. You have to clean the ears with a cotton swab, paying particular attention to the crevasses.

Hunting and field dogs are more prone to getting otitis. This is due to the fact that when they go running in the underbrush, it is common that a thorn or leaf gets stuck in their ear. In these cases, the animal suffers a lot because of all the scratching he does to himself, which in itself worsens the situation as the object can go deeper in.

If you notice that your dog is incessantly scratching himself, examine his ears and remove the obeject that is bothering him, as long as it is not too deep inside, in which case you must take your dog to the veterinarian, who will proceed with the extraction as it is a very delicate procedure. Remember, when in doubt, don't do it yourself. Simply go to the veterinarian.

With long-haired breeds, it is better to cut the hairs that grow inside the ears, avoiding the accumulation of earwax and filth.

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