Teaching a Dog the

"Come" is one of the best commands that a puppy owner can have in their arsenal when out with their puppy. When teaching your puppy "Come" it is extremely important that your puppy is motivated to obey and learns to associate its obedience with good things. Do not use the command if you intend only to punish your puppy, (at least not while you are first training it).
If your puppy dog learns to associate the command "Come" with bad things happening, it could put your whole training program at risk. To begin practicing with come it is best to have a helper sit at one end of the room with you and the puppy at the other end. In turns call the puppy "Come." Always using a happy tone. Use food rewards to encourage your puppy to come. Make the idea of obeying the command fun and exciting. After the puppy has learned that it is fun to "Come" call it through out the day. Reward it whenever your puppy comes. Don't repeat this command once you have given it. If thepuppy doesn't respond just ignore it for a few minutes. As soon as your puppy reliably comes on the first call it is time to move outside with him. Put it on a long leash and begin walking. Command the puppy to "Come" and if it responds give it a reward and lots of praise. If it doesn't come on the first command you can gently tug on the leash and when it turns to you reward it. Repeat often and with plenty of energetic praise and petting while slowly weaning your puppy off of the food treats. Now repeat the training practice but with a longerleash. Once your puppy is reliable and obedient you can practice in your own back yard or other enclosure, by removing the leash and command to "Come." Repeat until consistent.If your puppy does not obey immediately do not give the command again. Simply ignore your puppy while doing something interesting. When your puppy comes to you to investigate put it back on the leash. Be sure to review the earlier steps of the training before trying again without the leash. Your puppy should always think of the command "Come" as an enjoyable experience.

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