Teaching a Dog to Stay Training & Teach

The following is an example of how to go about teaching your dog to walk off the leash: The exercise that will be mentioned is "Stay" since it requires of the dog to use a lot of mental power and trust in his owner since he has to over come the anguish that overcomes him whenever his owner steps away from him. A dog that is not trained would normally get up after his owner and follow him, not listening to the order given to "Stay". Start out by commanding your dog to "Sit" and then "Stay" and at the same time use a hand signal. Leave the leash loose on the ground and stand in front of the dog about one or two meters of distance away from the dog. At the same time continue to command the dog to "Stay, Stay, Stay", "Good boy, Stay", encouraging him at all moments. If the dog gets up, correct him by saying "No, Sit" "Stay, Stay"! Go back next to the dog and command him again to "Sit" and then "Stay" then leave the dog again by stepping away from the dog about one or meters.Continue to command the dog to "Stay, Stay" "Good boy". Count until twenty and then go back to your dog always passing from behind the dog to then place yourself next to him. After a few moments, allow your dog to run about. Remember though, he must not move until he gets the order to do so. Praise him generously. It's important that both the dog and the owner maintain disciplined. The dog trainer must learn go about the training in an orderly manner so that his student, the dog, learns to do the same and assimilates things positively. Continue to repeat and practice this exercise several times or as many times as necessary by gradually stepping further away from your dog. When the dog has gotten used to the idea, you will then be able to leave to a place the dog cannot see you, remember though, that in your hiding spot you will still have to command the dog to "Sit, sit" "Good boy" etc. if he is indeed doing so. You will also need to go increasing the amount of time you leave the dog. If the dog goes out of his place because he gets nervous about not seeing you, correct him by saying "No, No!" and grab him by the collar and take him back to the place he needs to stay in, then start over again. Remember that when you are correcting him, you also need to impart trust in him so that he feels motivated to do what his owner wants him to. Don't be shy about praising him whenever he does the right thing.

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