Teaching a Dog to Stay - Down Dog!

Puppy "Down": This type of training is very similar to "Sit" except that instead of sitting the dog must be lying. Teaching a Dog to Stay starts be Placing the puppy next to your left leg. Put the leash on him and command him "Down, Down", over and over while at the same time applying pressure on the puppy's back. At the same time pull once at the puppy's collar making him to lie down. Once the puppy is lying down, praise him effusively. If the puppy stays down on the ground, remember to say, "Good boy, Good boy".
If the puppy has a hard time obeying and laying down, have him "Sit" first and then take both his front legs and softly go putting them down until the floor, always commanding "Down, Down" over and over. Generally puppies take a little while to learn to lie down. Don't forget to always praise the puppy, since this motivates them more than you know.

Teaching a dog to stay -Puppy "Stay": Although it may seem like a difficult task, it is important we learn to control our little puppy's rowdiness and playfulness. In order to do this, have the puppy "Sit" or command him "Down". Then say, "Stay, Stay" and stand in front of the puppy so that he does not move from the place he is at and step back a little. If the puppy tries to get up, get near him again and command him again to "Sit", and then "Stay, Stay", then step a few steps away from the puppy but do this facing him and use your commanding voice. Obviously the puppy is going to try to get out of this forced position, but little by little and day-by-day, his little mind will learn to assimilate the training. Continue doing this practice and step further away each time but remember to always walk away facing the puppy. Later on you will be able to just walk off, and the puppy will know that he must stay where he was told. Praise him for a job well done.

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