Training - Teaching a Dog without punishing - Punishment

Training is an ongoing procedure that lasts your dog's lifetime and although throughout time punishment has been a part of dog training it is really not an effective way to teach your pet. Since it creates a sense of fear of being rebuked and not of learning why not to do it.

The problem with punishmentTrainers have time and again found that it is possible to elicit good and consistent behavior without punishment. In fact punishment can sometimes have an adverse affect on your dog. Think about these points:Punishment puts an end to unwanted behavior but without giving an alternative.The long-term negative effects of punishment training outweigh any benefits.One interesting example of how punishment is ineffective is found in looking at humans and their bad habit of speeding. Those who have been fined for speeding understand what I mean. As the officer pulled you over you got this sick feeling in your stomach and you couldn't speak properly. Then you finally received your ticket, then you had to pay the fine and you had lost points on your license etc… But did all of this stop you from ever speeding again? Of course not, why just a few weeks later you found yourself going over the speed limit trying to make it to that important appointment on time.So what happened? Did you learn not to speed or did you in fact become a more cautious speeder. Now you were looking around while speeding to make sure you didn't get caught again. The punishment had a reverse consequence. Instead of making you stop speeding it had made you a more skilled speeder.Punishment is reactive

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