Teaching your dog to be alone

To teach the dog to be alone you only need to leave it a few minutes and progressively enlarge it's time alone. The owner would not re-enter the room until the puppy is calm; on the other hand it will think that it's cry is what make you come back, and therefore you will be teaching it to cry. The ideal for the first exercises it that it should be satisfied and tired, to not have the need to go out.

Getting used to the leash and collar
The basic rule of cleanliness anddog traininghave made the dog get used to the collar and leash. Although for the dog, it doesn't like the leash, so it constantly tries to get free from it. And the leash limits its freedom of movements; with it, it will try to jump forward or resist it self to move, by leaning back. But it will have to learn how to get along with both, for only a dog that can obey orders is able to be set free. To make the dog used to the collar you start of by putting it on for a short period of time; the best time to do this is while he plays or eats, because this is when he is distracted with pleasurable things. After some time of doing this, the dog will feel more comfortable when the leash is on.

The first exercises with the leash should be taken place in the yard or in a place in the house in which the puppy is familiarized. The owner should allow the dog to run and it should limit itself to praising him without pulling its leash. If anything the dog is the one who should be leading you at this time. The trick is to give the dog the impression that is not the owner or the leash holding him back but it is him the one who has control.

An Observation: Thecollar and leashare not toys and you must not let the dog chew or play with them.

A Correct Education

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