Teaching your Dog to Bring Objects

Once your dog has learned to hold and pick up an object, teach him to look for it and bring it. If you are training a puppy, use a noisy toy and let the puppy play with it. If not, use the same object you used in the previous exercise.

1. Holding the dog by the leash to safely control him, hold him with one hand while you throw the object a short distance away.

2. Give the dog the order to "search" while you let go of the leash. Now that he has been trained to pick up and hold the object, your dog should go and search for the object.

3. Once the dog has picked up the object, call him with the order to "come". Kneel down and encourage the dog and if it necessary, pull softly on the leash.

4. Reward the dog for his obedience with firm pats on the back. Place your hand under the dog's jaw in order to keep the dog from dropping the object.

5. Give the dog the order to "drop" and take the object from his mouth. As soon as the dog drops the object reward him by saying "good".

6. In order to remind your dog that he is under your authority, order him to "sit". Give the object back to your dog as a final reward.

These exercises stimulate your dog physically and mentally.

Problems and Solutions
If the dog doesn't want to collect the object, make the game more interesting by using a noisy toy and run along with the dog on the leash to where the object is. Gradually increase the distance from the object.

If the dog runs to the object but then looks confused, he hasn't properly learned how to hold the object in his mouth. Teach the dog the "hold" order once again using another toy.

If the dog picks up the object but doesn't respond to your call, go back to the previous exercise before going on with the retrieving exercise (search and bring).

If the dog picks up the object and starts bringing it, but eventually drops it, the dog probably needs lessons on how to "hold" it. Once the dog does this right, continue with the retrieving routine, beginning with short distances and gradually increasing them.

If you want to teach your puppy to retrieve, this is what you have to do: let the puppy bite the toy, but don't take it away from the dog, and congratulate him when he drops the object spontaneously. Puppies usually have their toys in a safe place and you should start by launching them from there. You can turn this exercise into a game with a puppy.

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