Teaching your Dog to Play with Other Dogs

Almost all dogs like to play with other dogs if that is what is what they are used to since they were puppies. As a general rule, female dogs usually play more than male ones who are more territorial and tend to fight more.

The first encounters among dogs should take place in a neutral area. Don't let your dog pull the leash because this stimulates aggressiveness.

Encounters in Neutral Territory
Organize these encounters with other dogs making sure that all the dogs are on a leash. Agree with the other owners. Let them recognize each other, but always be on the alert of any aggressive visual contacts because they will appear, don't you doubt about that. At the first or slightest sign of aggressiveness, turn your dog's head by distracting him with one of his favorite toys.

Encounters Behind the Fence
Once your dog has been successfully introduced everywhere, let him get together with other dogs through a fence or in front of your house. Reward your dog's calmness.

Encounters With Cats
You must keep an eye on your dog's first encounters with cats. Keep the cat from running away so your dog won't go chasing after it.

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