Teckel Paralysis in Dog

Teckels, or hot dogs, often suffer at old age, and sometimes when they're young, from the terrible teckle paralysis. It can also occur in other breeds (water dogs, Pekinese, Spaniels). Hot dogs run a greater risk due to their long rump (the part of a quadruped that corresponds to the human buttocks). The symptoms go from unperceivable rigidity to a total paralysis of the hind part. The main cause is a distention of the muscles of the back and, in some extreme cases, a disc hernia. As with rheumatism, you can alleviate the pain with heat and friction in the back muscles and, in the worst case, with an operation.Important: If the pains and the paralysis are too extreme, you need to ask your veterinarian, who will try to help the dog with injections, radiation, and maybe by means of physiotherapy or a surgical intervention. It isn't easy to prognosticate the probable course of the affliction. IN general, you can say that there exist some hope even in the most extreme paralysis as long as there still is pain. It is recommendable to keep on doing light movements even though they hurt a little.

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