Terrier Dog Breed

Terriers: All of the varieties that are in this interesting group have something in common, which is that they have extraordinary abilities to dig in the ground and get inside burrows and fight with foxes and badgers.
Besides being great at hunting in general, these dogs have proven to be very intelligent, active and are ferocious, generally predators. The smaller varieties of terriers were bred to use to get rid of rodents and small animals. Medium sized terriers that have long legs are used to help assist the work of fox hounds. These Terriers' job is to go inside the burrows in order to make the prey come out. Bigger terriers such as Airedale Terriers are known for how brave they are and their strength to hunt and as guard and attack dogs.
For the most part the characters of these dogs are hyperactive and somewhat stubborn, but they can still be very obedient, affectionate and good companions.

Other breeds: There are a diverse number of breeds that have different sizes and shapes. These breeds were not created or intended to be used for specific types of work. Some of them were bred for special functions in the past that are now not used any more. These dogs include bigger dogs whose functions seem to have been companion dogs such as is the case of Dalmatians and Poodles. However, this does not mean they were not originally used for work. Dalmatians are great at hunting. Poodles are excellent water dogs. Chow Chows are used to pull sleds and hunt. The giant Schnauzer can be used as a powerful guardian and protection dog. Bulldogs can be used for bullfighting. There are also dogs that were picked and associated with religious beliefs, having taken the form of living beings, honored and respected by some. There are Tibetan breeds such as the Shih Tzu that were bred by the monks in monasteries. These breeds were considered messengers of peace, and some believed they received the souls of lamas that had passed away that had not gone into Nirvana. It was believed they reincarnated into these little dogs, which is why they were revered and taken special care of.

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