Barking Dog

The dog barking excessively can be caused by fear, in defense of its territory, because it wants something or due to a state of anxiety. The barking dog will maybe bark at a passing person or while it waits for the elevator. This behavior generally appears between the fourth and sixth month in animals that don't have to be dominants. The shy animal can also have this type of reaction. An abnormal situation for the dog, even if it repeats itself might be the reason of why the dog is barking. A dog that lives next to its owner during the day and at night it spends its time in the garden might also have this kind of behavior. Some small breeds have a great disposition to bark. If we know the risk before hand we will not give it any authorization since it is very young.

What to do to shop dog barking? In the case of warning barks, we will avoid yelling at the dog because it wouldbark even more. The yelling would excite it and will confirm that the situation required his barking, since it would not understand that we are yelling at it. We will order it to shut up and will remain in front of it without moving until it stops barking. We will wait some instants and the congratulate it. To correct this conduct we can have someone provoke sounds at home. At the beginning we will order the dog not to move, then we will go to see what happens without it and finally with it, obligating it to stay behind us at all times. Then we will let the dog go alone but we will allow it to bark only when it finds something abnormal. The dog must understand that one or two signals are enough for us to understand that something is wrong.

The Dog that makes a Mess

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