Dog and Territory Marking

Zar was a hunting Terrier, he was self-assured and very beautiful. He would generally run all the time, as if his energy wouldn't allow him to walk at a normal pace. When he would lift his leg up to urinate he looked like a circus dog, there was no spot high enough for him not to urinate on. Occasionally, he would lift his front paws to be able to be at the same height, when he was faced with a large dog. He would also jump on his back paws to be able to reach a high wall, in order to urinate on it. That is why they dubbed him "the best territory marker".

Delving and Digging
The act of digging it's bones or prey comes from its ancestors the wolf, to guaranty that there would be enough and help the meat decompose. Even though it has no need to store food anymore for later, the dog kept this same habit, which is why it keeps delving and digging it's bones and toys in the back yard. It uses the nose to cover the holes in the earth. You may notice that it makes these same movements, of delving, in your home.

Dogs in heat

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