The Campbell Dog Test

When the dog is 5-7 weeks, the owner must do the Campbell test. For this, the pup will have to be taken to an unknown place (quiet and local, in which there mustn't be other people) and where it is free from external influences or interruptions. During the test you can't praise or reward, you should only talk nicely to it. A score for every part of the test must be assigned according to the behavior of the animal. Three types of character are recognized: dominant, submissive and indifferent.

Knowing the character of the pup is of great importance for developing an educational strategy. For example, a submissive dog will have to be educated by a patient and calm person, whilst a dominant one will need a person who knows how to show authority.

The exam is divided into 5 tests, which are:

  • Social attraction
  • Following
  • Response to obligation
  • Social control
  • Raising resistance
  • If the results are not logic, the test must be repeated.

There are also otherdog tests, for more specific qualities such as bravery or defense skills.

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