Teach Puppy Candy & Mug Trick

Place an old plastic cup or mug facing down covering an especially delicious candy. Your puppy knows where it is, and all he has to do is find a way to get the candy from under the mug with out your help. Some dogs move the mug with their legs, some with their muzzle; some even pick it up using their teeth. Any method used is allowed as long as it's done without your help.

Trace a scent: Training a dog to trace a scent like a hound is extremely fun for the both of you. Any dog can track something, because they have that natural born instinct to smell and chase those scents that are all around us. In order to teach your dog to track you got to make it easy at the beginning. One day, at the crack of dawn when your dog can't see you go outside to the garden and prepare the 1st exercise. The best thing is to walk all over the grass, because it will be easier for your dog to follow your scent trail over the stomped grass. Walk 10 steps in a straight line and leave him a treat in the floor. Wait 10 min before letting your dog out, although on the leash to take him to the starting point. Let your dog take you to the prize and then let him eat it or just praise him for getting there. In the beginning, most dogs will look for the prize visually instead of using their sense of smell. So you'll have to orient him by keeping his head down and so he will actually use his nose to find it. When he finally gets the rules of the game you can start making the trail a lot longer. There will come a time when he will have no other choice than to use his sense of smell since he won't be able to see it. When he finds his treasure you must let him eat it, and praise him for his feat.

Teach your Puppy Some tricks!

give paw trick
Lifting his little puppy Paw
Lots of dogs learn to stretch their paw all by themselves.
  • To start, make your puppy sit in front of you. Give him a small piece of food with you hand.
  • Keep another treat for him in you fist, a close distance to the floor. Now look at your puppy. And as soon as he moves his paw towards you make the noise and give him the candy.
  • Now make a rule: he will have to move his paw deliberately to touch your hand before, or he won't receive his prize.
  • Now lift your hand up even higher, so your dog will have to lift his paw even more to touch your hand in order to get his treat. Don't forget to make the noise and prize him for each feat.
  • After a while there will come a moment that every time you extend your hand he'll extend his paw towards it. When this happens, you can add the command "paw!". Give the command and wait; it won't be long before he does it on his own. Puppy Training for Kids

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