Puppy Dog Collar and Leash

It's very important that your dog gets trained to using the collar and leash. They must be made of light materials, such as leather or nylon. Never use a chaindog collar or leashon a puppy because they are too heavy and your puppy might be frightened when you pull from it. It's possible that in the beginning your puppy might try to take his collar off with his foot. If this happens act like if not noticing and immediately distract him with something else while you put it back on. You will see how quickly the dog won't notice he even has it on and won't give it a second Puppy Dog Collar and Leashthought.

Exercises: All dogs need to exercise, not only to keep their body healthy, but also to exercise their intelligence and stimulate their mind. The amount of exercise that every dog needs depends on their age and breed or group the dog belongs too. Dogs under six months must do frequent easy routine, but must never do an amount that will leave them beat or over excessively tired. Almost all dogs once they're a year old like to do as much exercise as possible, and all dogs without exception (even if not having for necessity means) must get out of the house at least once a day. Leaving the house allows them to see, smell, and hear different things, as well as play with other dogs.

The ideal place for a dog to play in would be a field that is surrounded with some kind of fence so you can let him loose and let him run around freely without having to worry about him, even so you must train your dog to immediately come to you when your call out for him. To Avoid Biting

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