The Corner for dog food

Whether the dog lives on the floor, in the yard, or in a house with a garden or in a kennel, the bowls for the water and food should be placed in the same place. Where the dog will be able to eat from, preferably the same hours every day. The best place is usually the kitchen where the floor is easy to clean because a dog will usually leave stains at the end of it's meal. Place the bowls in a quite place, never in a hallway. For a dog it is a bothersome when it gets interrupted when its eating.

The constant interruptions may cause it to:

  • induce the dog to gobble up its food in a hasty manner;
  • cause the opposite to occur, which means it wont be eating enough or stay healthy;
  • think that you'll forget to feed it.

Likewise, regularly retrieving the full food bowl like some trainers mistakenly recommend lead the dog to defend itself. Therefore nobody can be in the kitchen when the dog is eating. This defective behavior can only be corrected with certain amount of effort.

The Dog Water Bowl can be close to the food bowl but it can also be somewhere else, for example in the hallway or where the dog sleeps. It must always contain fresh water. I am not in agreement with the idea that you should only give the dog water when it is thirsty because drinking excessively loosens its muscles. The dog must be drinking so much because of the next reasons:

  • >it needs a lot of liquid because it's food is dry;
  • >it's sick; in this case a trip to the veterinarian is necessary to find out what's wrong;
  • >it's drinking out of boredom; in this case you need to control how much it drinks and take more care of your dog.

The Dog and It's Housing

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