Destructive Dog Behaviors

Aggressiveness and this behavioral alteration are the ones that happen most frequently. It is also the most difficult for the owner to stand and it is one of the primary causes of abandonment. The owner gets exasperated every time it looks at the disaster that happens whenever he is not home and family conflicts can arise because of the method that must be followed to confront this situation. It is a real pity, since this could have been avoid with a good education. The destruction goes from the simple vice of chewing on furniture or other objects until they are all ripped apart. The puppies learn to know the world through their mouth: first they lick and then they bite. It is instinctive behavior, but we have to teach them that they must not do it at home (scolding them, avoiding taking away objects that they put in their mouths and by giving them their own toys). We have to try and determine the cause in order to find the right treatment. The destructive animal acts this way because it is its way of reacting before something about the environment that bothers them. The puppy that tries to bite everything it finds must be educated, not reeducated because it is a normal phase of its development, which must not be extended or prolonged. The reeducation is done with an animal that at the age of 8 months is still biting and destroying things.

The destruction can be due to the fear of solitude, boredom or revenge.

  • Fear to solitude: this is the predominating motive of a lot of these cases. It is a case similar to that of the barking dog due to anxiety of separation.
    The animal depends too much on the family and is not capable of standing physical or affective solitude. This can be manifested at home, at a friend's house or inside the car.
    It can also be expressed with the first signs of the owner's absence. The punishment is never efficient, it actually worsens the situation.
  • Boredom: it is evident that the dog can get bored, especially when it is alone or because it does not know what to do. The only thing it can do is tear the couch apart.
  • The revenge: the animals sometimes experiment the feeling of injustice. Nevertheless, the revenge is more of the owner's interpretation than the animal's behavior. The dog takes revenge in very rare occasions, even when it feels hurt. In any case we cannot discard this remote possibility.

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