Dog Owners. A master and his Dog

The dog's master is everything for it: we are their world and concern. Which is why, when training and treating a dog it's important to be consistent; what is wrong today is not allowed tomorrow and vise-versa. A dog – no matter how dominating it is – will accept its owner strictness, as long as it is fair with them. This includes not giving them un-proportion punishments, be persistent in their education and be patient when they make an effort, even if they don't achieve the results we expected. When a full grown and trained dog sees its owner very upset, it will distance itself from their owner and study them to see if they are the one that have caused their anger. If they don't see a connection between their actions and their anger, it will approach its owner with a comforting look and its ears down, a turning tail and a submissive look.

This behavior continues until the owner calms down. Then the dog adopts the same mood as their owner. This is a dog resource to obtain peace within their territory which they cherish so much: to calm their leader they are capable of showing themselves extremely submissive even though they weren't the ones that did anything wrong. A privilege of the pack leader is it can touch any member of the pack when it wants. Your dog should let you touch it in any situation. Have them get used to it from when their young. On the other hand, your dog shouldn't be able to touch you when ever they want and it would be the leader that decides when each thing must be done (go out, eat, play, etc.).

Since it's very small it is important in learns its place in the family. If you mock fight with it, don't let it get on top, since it's a dominating position. When it tries to do this put it down on the floor firmly, place it belly side up and immobilize it for a few seconds. Play with them and teach them how to fetch, by throwing a ball for them to bring back to you and let go of it. Have toys that are specifically for them and that are available to them. The ball you play with should be put away by the owner, so that the owner is the one that starts the game and not the dog. Take from the dog anything they have got a hold of without your permission. Give fair rewards and punishments; this includes punishing the children when they misbehave, special if the dog is around or else it will feel wronged.

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