The dog as a therapist

Regular walks can also take place during the rehabilitation process of a long, hard sickness. American professor Erika Friedmann polled patients who had suffered a heart attack and undoubtedly proved that those who owned domestic animals had a survival rate four times greater than those who didn't. She reached the conclusion that besides lengthening your life, because of the physical activity, a dog exercises a direct psychological function - as a companion and as a focus on your interest.

A dog next to a sick persons' bed: the optimism caused by permanent contact with your own dog is a positive experience achieved in old folk homes in North America and in Australia. In Germany professor Wolfgang Eiortrowski has announced that he is in favor of this therapy. He believes that a dog in a patience day-to-day living produces a sedative affect, mostly in the radiology therapy section or in the cancer treatment facilities.

Likewise a dog can contribute to the psychological well-being, greatly enhancing the persons' policy of life.

It's possible to satisfy major psychological needs: the overcoming of loneliness and boredom, formation of social contacts or the experience of recognition and comprehension.

Contributes to the owners' self esteem, self assurance and self trust.

Most psychotherapist believe that a dog is the ideal company for those who have determined emotional alterations. Dr. Marcel Heimann from the Mount Sinai writes: "Many times, for a depressive person, a dog is the anchor that saves the person from sinking permanently into the sickness. Paying attention to your egocentric dog you learn to leave aside your own worries and take care of other living beings. Also the dog represents an escape valve for overloaded love feelings, of those who, for any reason may not be capable canalizing them to another person".

Dogs and lifespan

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