Dog Collar

A dog collar for your puppy should be fairly simple as they'll grow out of it soon enough. The collar must have a plaque or a little pocket where you may place the exact address and phone number, as well as the name of your dog, if in case he should get lost.

A dog leash can serve for two, reasons:

  • hold it tight or to fasten the leash onto it.
  • for decoration.

This means however, that the collar must adapt well on to his neck, considering the strength and contexture of the dogs' breed. As well, as our own sense of security. There is a big variety and a lot of special offers you'll find in the purchasing of a collar. The majority of them have a buckle to it, which may cause problems, for if the buckle is a bit loose, he dog may be able to escape. And if you tighten it too much, the dog may, as well, be suffering.

The solution and best choice, is to find one that has a slipknot. That way you can tighten it, only if it is necessary. In another case, you can get one that has a loop in the slip knot, but there exists a danger that if the knot stays stuck you may be strangling your dog, or the dog may strangle himself. This may also be avoided if you place a strap that extends from the neck on to his chest. It looks nice, but is not so appropriate for bigger dogs, with more strength, for example huskies or the blood hounds. Choke chains are fairy light, and you may want to place one on the pocket or bag that contains the address and information. It's useful, especially in those outings where you are surrounded with a lot of people. While purchasing the collar for your dog, you must be sure that it's not a rusty type of material, you don't want your dogs skin to get stained with the rust. Choke chains are not recommendable for dogs when they are still puppies. Owners usually choose leather or cloth collars for their dogs.

Have in mind that collars must be in relation with the breed of the dog. Before purchasing and expensive collar for your dog, wait till it's fully grown.

The Dog leash

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