The Dog Leash

Whether the leash is short or long, wide or thin, it depends on your personal taste and/or the size of the dog.
Extendible dog leashes, between 4-10 meters is satisfies both requirements. It can extends automatically and you can regulate the radius of the dogs' movement, using the activated break and with the permanent stop you can keep him from running off too far. Present the inconvenience of having to carry a plastic box in your hand, the size of a bag. If it were to fall to the floor, the automatic extension might roll up by itself, fall over the dog and scare it, causing it to run away.

A regulating dog leash with clasps. Their material, width and how the leash was made respond to the personal and the size of the breed.

The hook which attaches the leash to the collar is very important, there are 3 types:

  • The simple clasp is safe, but to separate it from the collar you must use a lot of strength with your thumb.
  • Scissors clasp is easy and fast to open, but when the spring has loosened it can open automatically, therefore it isn't very safe.
  • The spring clasp is my favorite, it's easy to open with one hand and even if the closing mechanism stops working it'll always hold the leash to the collar.

The obligation to use a collar is a rule generally established by the orders of the city councils. These rules don't only apply for the dangerous dogs, but also for the smaller dogs which can be a danger for people that are in need of protection or are defenseless in some way.

Car Accessories for dogs

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