Dog Food Nutrition

Choosing the type of dog feeding:We can choose between home made dog food nutrition and the different products which have been industrially elaborated for the dogs. Nowadays, the premium foods are the best ones.

Quantity:When we use industrial food we have to respect the amount of food that the makers indicate depending on the size and weight of the dog. When the dog is fed with home made food the dose should be of 10g for each 1 kilogram that the dog weighs.

Special Dog Diets: There are diet foods for dogs, but we can also make a special home made food:

  • For fat dogs: white fish, mixed with cooked lettuce or spinach
  • For dogs with uremia we should avoid using red meet.
  • For the dog that suffers from kidney rocks we should use a specially prepared diet.

Change of Feeding: The change the dog feeding requires a period of transition of about 1 week.

Premium Domination: These are foods with of a high gamma that are very accepted. They are perfectly tolerated by the fragile animals from the digestive point of view, since all the ingredients (chicken, rice, lamb, etc.) are perfectly digestible and have a high nutritious quality. The proteins, which come from the meat and bird and the other meets are easy to digest, they have a highly energetic value. The dogs find these foods very tasty. There are different premium foods specific for each of the dog's vital periods, which are commercialized with different names depending on the makers.

Rationing dog food: The amount of food that we must give the dog is calculated according to: weight, age, size and daily activity. If we will feed the dog with home made food, 30g of food per kilogram and day during the adult stage, 10 g of rice or pasta, 10 g of meat and 10 g of vegetables.

During growth the amount of food changes:

  • From 2 to 4 months: 75 g of food per kilogram of weight, divided into three meals, which are made of 25 g of rice, 25 g of meat and 25 g of vegetables.
  • At the 4 months: 60 g per kilogram and day, divided into two meals
  • At 6 months: 50g per kilogram and day
  • From 6 to 8 months: 45 g per kilo and day.

It is always good to respect the portion of one third of rice, meat and vegetables. If we are using industrial or diet foods, the doses are indicated by the instructions on the bag and we will have to respect them since they are complete foods and don't need any complements; except for calcium during the growth period.Dog Nutritious Complements

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