Dog Nutrition and Foods

Dog Nourishment: Dog Nutrition and Foods is one of the most passionate topics related to the responsibility of having a dog, but which also generates the most doubts between owners. The first thing is to have in mind is that the dog has evolved from being a complete carnivore to a complete omnivore, capable of eating almost everything, even though that does not mean that the dog should be fed with the left over from dinner, for the dog to have be in optimum physical conditions its diet must be perfectly balanced.

Each Age has a Type of Dog Nutrition and Foods

Puppy Nourishment Stage: Between 2 and 12-18 months depending on dog breed.

1. Nums to be fed

2-3 months, 6 times


3-4 months, 3 times


5-18 months, 2 times


19+ months, 1 to 2 times

2. Recommended formula

Protein: +29%


Fat: > 17%


Fiber: -5%


Calcium/phosph.: 1,4:1


Sodium: 0.5%

3. Digestibility




Adult Nourishment Stage: From 12-18 months & 6-7 years, depending on the dog's size.

1. Number of times to be fed

1 or 2 times



2. Recommended formula

Protein: 15-25%


Fat: +8%


Fiber: 5%


Calcium/phosph.: 1,1:1


Sodium: 0.5%

3. Digestibility



Senile Nourishment Stage: If dog is about 6-7 years old, depending on the dog's size.

1. Number of time to be fed

Minimum of 2; the greater the age 3 or 4



2. Recommended formula

Protein: 14-21%


Fat: +10%


Fiber: 4%


Calcium: 0.8%


Phosph.: 0.7%


Sodium: 0.4%

Gestating of Female Dog: The formula in this case will be similar to the one used in feeding puppies because the female will need a lot of energy to be able to produce the amount of milk required to feed the puppies. We should start changing the dog's diet 40-45 days after the dog has gotten pregnant, but the transition from one diet to the other must be of about 10 days. Nutrients

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