Puppy Bed

No puppy bed... Really it's not very convenient for many reasons. In first place the puppy grows, and to share your bed with a grown Great Dane must be quite uncomfortable. The other side is hygiene; a puppy does not control his natural needs, and therefore, yourdog bedgets dirty. If he has fleas, these will get into your bed, and you'll have an awful time.Even some parasites of your dog could be transmitted to you. Dust and other substances, as well as the odor of your dog will be impregnated in your blankets. If you have some problem persuading him to get use to his own bed, try to put a hot water bag under his basket. Maybe the puppy can't get use to it because he misses the heat provided by his siblings, so the hot water bag could help him very much.

Which is the correct way of carrying a puppy?

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