Dog that Jumps on top of People

It is normal if a young puppy jumps on people because that is what it does with its mother and brothers. We must teach the puppy not to jump on people because it is a bad custom. Dogs don't stand solitude, they have excessive joyful reactions and they jump every time the owner comes home or simply every time they pass by someone or another animal. They also jump on unknown things. This is another case of separation anxiety, which has its origin in the lack of stimulation and socialization.

How to stop dog from jumping on people? If the dog jumps on us, when we say hi we will have to get down and hold it on the ground telling it to sit. Then we will congratulate it if it keeps that position when we get up. We will avoid substituting the jump for a lick on the face. If it does this, we will reject it. The owners accept and look for this sign of affection, but what the dog is really demonstrating is domination and protection, which the mother does when she licks her puppies. Another possibility isto back up a few paces so that the animal jumps on thin air. We will immediately order it to sit down after this happens. In reeducation we have to use a variety of exercises of this kind, we have to provoke the bad behavior so we can correct it later. We can do these exercises ourselves and then ask our friends who visit us regularly to do it for us, so that the dog generalizes this new behavior. The animal has to understand that our happiness does not rise from exuberant manifestations, but on the contrary with its calmness.

The Barking Dog

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