Dog that Runs Away. How to Stop Running. What to do if your dog runs away?

The dog's character, the conditions it lives in and all the modifications of its close environment can cause it run away to escape. Fear causes a reaction of escape. The sexual activity, especially in male dogs is the main cause of fleeing. Dogs are castrated in few occasions, since education is enough to retain them. On the other hand, this operation is usually carried on in dogs that bite.

The dog begins to scratch doors and then it discovers that one of them opens a bit. The owner who responds by tying the dog up when it is heat, only makes the situation worse. Under this circumstance, escaping becomes the dog's number one priority. Another reason of why a dog might flee is because it does not feel happy with its family medium. This happens when there is an important modification, like the arrival of a baby or moving. The dog goes out to look for safety outside because it thinks it has lost its home. It is more about running away from the environment than running to a new one. Nevertheless, if the occasion is presented, it will choose a new family. Some breeds have a greater tendency to escape than others. Some hunting dogs and some Nordic dogs are examples. This does not mean that we must discard and excuse the dog. We just have to pay more attention to them.

What to do if your dog runs away?

Unfortunately, education is not very effective in the cases where the dog flees in look for sex. There is a possibility of administering hormone based medicine to inhibit this. It is not advisable to lock the dog up because this measure can generate a feeling of injustice. Education is an effective remedy if we know the dog's temperamental and breed characteristics; in this case we will have to insist in a special way the learning of the call and walking the dog on a leash. If the adult dog has to reinitiate learning from zero, centering himself in the calling exercises. If a modification in the familiar environment has been produces we will have to give the animal confidence by taking it out for a walk, caressing it and playing with it. We always have to conserve the position of dominator even if we are spoiling the dog.

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