The Dogs Sleeping Place

The sleeping and resting area during the day must be located in a quite corner, out of air currents. If you live in an apartment it shouldn't be located in the hallway or next to the door, for the dog not to have the impression that it's been designated as "the guard" of the whole house. This is where the dog will stay during the most part of the day. In summer the dog prefers to be in front of the door or on the balcony where they can watch their surroundings.

During the night the dog prefers to be in the bedroom or in front of it, because of it's wolfed past it wishes to be close to the herd, on the contrary it feels rejected. Therefore two or more dogs which believe to be a herd can sleep together anywhere else. Take in one dog to the bedroom when you have many is a big mistake, it will feel so preferred that it's natural hierarchy will be disturbed, unless the dog in question is the "boss of the herd".

It's absolutely necessary that the "lonely dog", meaning the dog spends all day alone because the owner is working, spends the night with it's owner. It's sleeping place will be close to the bedroom or in front of it. The dog is more closely linked to the person it sleeps close to, since night is the time where most time is spend in direct contact with it's owner.

The dog in bed is a matter of opinion. Regardless, when you have such a close contact between dog and man, for hygienic reasons you must be sure that the dog is vaccinated, flee less and treated for parasites.

Yuco and the Grandmothers' bed

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