Evolutionary phase in puppy

To be able to gain a good ground in educating your dog, it's very important that you have certain hours with it every day to train and invest time in it, for these are the evolutionary stages in it's life from which it will remember for the rest of it's life. It was J.P. Scott and J.L. Fuller, the researchers who supported this theory, and which Eberhard Trumler who published and urbanized it. This stage is as important as the first 10 days it spends with it's mother and trainer.Here are some things to remember when purchasing a dog:

  • that they are found living in a similar place as the one that they will have with their new owner;
  • that they are being raised in a place of tranquility and not a place full of stress and nervous tension;
  • that they have a lot of contact with people.

From the 8th – 16th week: sociable faze
In this period of time, when the dog gets introduced into a home, is very important for it's future sociable behavior with people and other dogs. You should have enough time to have positive experiences with them. Therefore, the need of including organized games between puppies and trips to parks that are destined for dogs. It should also regularly meet other people, cyclists and runners, even though you have to avoid it following them. In this faze, learning can almost imprint the character. What the puppy learns will later become natural. Therefore, you have to take advantage of the opportunity of familiarizing it with the most things possible.

  • It should let itself be held anywhere (dental control, taking it's temperature, ear cleaning, etc..) and meet it's veterinarian.
  • It should meet the mail man and associate them with something positive.
  • It should familiarize itself with the different electrical appliances.
  • It should get used to traveling in the car and walking in streets with intense traffic.
  • These weeks represent a complete program for the puppy and it's owner. In any case you should avoid excessive stress. In this faze the puppy is familiarized with it's name and sleeping place, it learns to be clean, alone and recognize orders such as "come", "sit", "lay", "let go" and walk on a leash. Exercise shouldn't be longer than 15 minutes a day. In this faze, consistency and patience are the most important educational methods.

From week 17 to 24: conscience of the surroundings

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